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Math Quiz

Question 1
A hiker was tackling a lengthy trail in stages. The trail was 97 miles long. The hiker walked 23 miles on the first day and 21 miles on the second day. How far did have left to walk?
Question 2
What is 0.8 as a fraction in its lowest terms?
Question 3
204x196÷196 equals what number?
Question 4
How many liters can one cubic decimeter hold?
Question 5
Tom is on a 74km journey by car. He has driven 53km. How many km left to travel?
Question 6
If you found £12 on the floor and then won £2405 on a scratch card, How much money would you be up?
Question 7
What is 87% in decimal form?
Question 8
302x11+303 equals what number?
Question 9
213+146+79 equals what number?
Question 10
116x58+117 equals what number?
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