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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Since the 1930s, most pistachios have been dyed what color?
Question 2
Which of these is produced by a dairy farmer?
Question 3
What have you bought if you get a cassava-based pao de queijo from a street vendor in Brazil?
Question 4
What is the main base ingredient of an omelet?
Question 5
What is the name of a dish that is a combination of sliced pork and soft noodles?
Question 6
How many cans are in a Lone Star "Texas 6-Pack"?
Question 7
If a person changes their eating habits in order to lose weight, they are on a what?
Question 8
What fruit, eaten once a day, is said to make doctors unnecessary?
Question 9
What cooking herb comes in lemon, woolly and silver varieties?
Question 10
Where did Pilsner beer originate?
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